Carephone Gina

Gina is a unique, battery-operated analogue Carephone which does not require mains power. Gina provides a practical solution where availability of a local mains power is not easily accessible. The Gina carephone eliminates electrician’s costs related to installation of a new power point and ensures a speedy installation especially when a short term solution is needed. With just a single press on the alarm button the Gina Carephone will automatically call the Alarm Receiving Centre, the operator can to talk directly to the service user and take the appropriate response to the situation.


Gina Carephone

The risk of lightning damage is minimised by connecting solely through the telephone network and by the effective lightning protection built into the Gina Carephone


Gina Carephone is supplied  with Erik radio alarm button. The Erik Trigger comes as standard with all accessories: neck cord with attachment, wrist strap, belt clip and the unique EPC (Easy Press Concept) for people with tactile disabilities as a result of medical conditions such as arthritis. The trigger is totally waterproof (IP67) and the battery can easily be changed to minimise lifetime cost and maximise efficiency.



Technical Data

Power supply: Telephone network and battery
Battery, central unit: 4 x LR6  Alkaline (1.5 V 2700 mAh)
Battery alarm: Triggered automatically at central unit if battery voltage is low
Speech communication: Duplex and simplex
Radio frequency: 868,35 MHz
No.  of radio transmitters: Up to 9 radio transmitters
Dialling method: DTMF (touch tone) or pulse
Alarm receiver: Up to 6 alarm receivers can be programmed. Max. 15 digits in telephone number or 12 digits in alarm code
Protocols: CPC, TTnew  and landline telephone
Ability to replace batteries: Yes
Length of battery life: Up to 12- 18 months
Dimensions: 121 x 214 x36 mm (LxWxH)


Article number: 100003