Social Care – More Than Just Carephones

It takes an entire company to provide complete, reliable and quality-assured social care systems. From product development, sales and project management, to support and alarm receiving – everyone plays an essential role in bringing products and services for social care to the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Doro Trygghetsjour – Our Response Centre (only in Sweden and Norway)

If you fall, need to come in contact with staff or should simply be feeling anxious, it’s comforting to be able to trigger an alarm and get help. Just press the button to send an alarm to our response centre – Doro Trygghetsjour – and help is on the way. Our fully digital alarm chain offers elderly and persons with disabilities a truly reliable social care solution.


The response centre specializes in social alarms and offers round-the-clock service, 365 days a year, receiving approximately 15,000 alarms every day. With over 90,000 connected carephones in 150 municipalities, Doro Trygghetsjour is the largest privately owned response centre for social alarms in Sweden.

Our ability to offer expert alarm receiving and response is made possible by how highly we value knowledge. Our staff consists of trained assistant nurses with work experience in health and social care. Besides Swedish, we speak fifteen different languages.

Alarms are answered respectfully, thoughtfully and with empathy, and we communicate clearly that the alarm has been received and what action is be taken. All calls are recorded and saved for six months to allow detailed follow up. Statistics can be accessed through our web interface or automatically compiled reports. Doro Trygghetsjour also provides a number of services ranging from regularly scheduled staff initiated calls, to video monitoring in the home as well as web-based access for authorized municipal staff. Doro Trygghetsjour is a fully digital response centre, which means users connected to us can rely on the alarm chain.


Research & Development
Reliable market-adapted products don’t just come along by chance. We work continuously to develop our products and services to meet changes in society, technical requirements and customer or user needs that vary over time. Which is why we are the market leader in digital carephones today!


Our Research & Development department constantly explores new opportunities for products and services whilst also improving on existing ones. New ideas are tested, and those having suitable potential are developed into new products and services. This may include anything from carephones, radio triggers and fall sensors, to remote video monitoring or programming tools for monitoring alarms.

Even existing products and services need to be improved, developed and upgraded. One such example is updating the software in carephones for compatibility with updates to alarm management software. When telephone networks are modified or upgraded, our products and services can be affected, which is why we have people who diagnose and take care of any errors or upgrade needs that may arise.

In addition, continuous contact with our customers generates new requests and development opportunities. This we are grateful for, as it enables us to continue developing our products and services so that the elderly and persons with disabilities can enjoy a safer and better life at home even in the future.


Export Sales

In our Export markets, marketing and customer dialogue is handled by our Business Development Managers who visit, inform and maintain contact with our customers and partners.

In the midst of a technology shift where analogue systems are being replaced with digital ones, and given Doro Care’s well developed and reliable digital solutions, the information our sales team provide concerning what such a shift entails, is very important. New customers are informed and existing ones are taken care of to ensure that all contracts are fulfilled and that new information regarding Doro Care and our products and services reach them. We help our customers to find appropriate and customised solutions so that both staff and users will benefit from durable and reliable social care solutions.



Doro Care’s mission is to provide reliable social care solutions for the elderly and persons with disabilities. Our support department consists of technically qualified staff able to assist municipalities and users with any matters that need addressing. Should you require assistance or guidance, we are available seven days a week, every day of the year.

Our business changes, new products are added, and software – both our own and that of the telephone networks – is updated regularly, which can cause disruptions. The support team is there to assist with troubleshooting, guidance and advice related to issues like these. In addition, our digital alarms are continuously monitored, so should we lose contact with a carephone, the support team assists with troubleshooting. Traditional analogue carephones are usually checked only once a day at best and may therefore be out of order without anyone realizing it, making digital carephones a much safer choice. Feel free to contact our knowledgeable support staff.