Smoke Detector

A growing number of local governments and health care providers take preventative measures to ensure that older people live in a safe environment. One simple measure is using a smoke detector connected a Carephone.


• Wireless communication
• Easy to install
• Reliable


Doro’s optical radio Smoke Detector can be connected to all Doro’s social alarm systems to create a safe and secure home environment. When the smoke detector is activated it emits a loud and clear audible signal (85dB) and sends a call to the alarm receiving centre via the Doro social alarm unit. The device has a visible self-test button and a replaceable battery (art. no. 300 047). The unit will automatically signal low battery status audible locally and to the alarm receiving centre via the social alarm unit. The Doro Smoke Detector is tested and complies with all relevant EU standards incl. CE and operates on the European Social Alarm frequency 869MHz. Complies with BS EN 14604, KM 500468.


It is battery operated with a built-in transmitter designed for Doro Care Carephones. It is easy to install and should preferably be placed outside bedrooms or stairwells.  The smoke detector is programmed wirelessly to the Doro Care Carephone to provide a safe and secure solution for the service users home. When the alarm is triggered a clear, acoustic signal is sounded on the premises. Simultaneously an alarm is sent via the Carephone to the Alarm Receiving Centre where instant voice connection is established allowing necessary action to be taken.


Download manual Smoke Detector 869MHz