Vibby OAK fall detector

We offer a wrist worn fall sensor as an alternative to our waist worn sensor.  The Wrist worn fall detector offers the user increased versatility and wear-ability options. It has an integral alarm button to enable the user to summon help, it incorporates a micro-controller, 3 axis accelerometer, a vibrator and a radio transmitter (869MHz). In the event of a fall, the sensor will raise an alarm to the Alarm Receiving Centre via a Doro Carephone. If the user stands up 20 seconds after the fall detection, our fall detector cancels the alarm. If the wearer stays on the floor, the fall sensor will also vibrate and the LED light flashes to let the user know an alarm is about to be generated. The sensor is waterproof to IP67, shock resistant, made of hypo-allergenic plastic and has a replaceable battery.








Compatible with CareIP®, CareIP® Mobile, CareMobile, Doro Sara Carephones

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Technical data

Waterproof: IP67
Shock resistant: IK6
Diameter: 37mm
Thickness: 12.7mm
Weight: 35g
Hypo-allergenic casing: Yes
Radio frequency: 869,2125 MHz
Suplied battery: 3 V Lithium Sony CR2477
Ability to replace batteries: Yes
Auto-low battery reporting: Yes
Battery life: Up to 2 years

Article number: 300187