Doro acquires Invicta Telecare Ltd. for SEK 60 million, strengthening its UK market position


Doro is expanding its services business with the acquisition of UK-based telecare company Invicta Telecare Ltd. (Centra Pulse and Connect) from Clarion Housing Group. Together with its existing business, Doro will handle close to 200,000 connections in the UK.

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Doro is delighted to announce that Wendy Darling joins Doro/Welbeing, as UK Country Director – Public Care


Taking over the role previously held by Steve Smith, who was promoted to VP, Public Care, Doro last October, Wendy will be responsible for leading commercial growth in the UK technology enabled care sector. She will continue the company’s development of innovative new products and services empowering people to stay safe and independent in their […]

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Statement regarding the United Kingdom exit from the European Union (Brexit)


Along with all companies, Doro has no clear direction as to whether or not the UK is heading towards a no deal Brexit or a deal Brexit. However, having examined the business processes we are confident that we are prepared to deal with any scenario. Should there be a deal Brexit then there is a […]

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New report from Doro – smartphones and smart homes – the new way of delivering care to seniors


The steady rise in life expectancy is causing strains on our health and care systems and is becoming a serious challenge, not only for individuals, but for society at large. New technology has an important role to play in meeting this challenge. By implementing smart solutions for the elderly, welfare systems can not only cut […]

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