Doro announces technology care solution for seniors


Doro, the phone and technology provider, today announces SmartCare by Doro, a cloud-based technology care solution tailored for the needs of seniors. SmartCare by Doro connects sensors in the home to the cloud, in order to automatically alarm and notify relatives or care providers if changes in behavior occur or if the senior needs assistance.

The solution aims to address societal challenges created by the growing senior population, such as the cost involved in social care as more seniors living at home require support from either care providers or relatives. According to a survey conducted by Doro, 25 per cent of UK adults have some duty of care towards a senior person and 62 per cent of these say they are often worried that something might have happened to them (such as suffering a fall or hurting themselves).1

For most seniors, their mobile phone is the only tool for reaching out for help if an accident occurs, but seniors don´t always have their phone at hand. This creates a strong demand for new and trustworthy solutions to help, support and stay in contact with seniors at home.

Technology to increase quality of life for seniors and their family and friends

SmartCare by Doro comes with a home gateway and smart sensors which are connected to the unified cloud service, My Doro. From there, it can connect the sensors with smartphones and units that belong to care providers, relatives and seniors. The system is self-calibrating to individual behaviour and can detect and automatically share alarms with relatives or care providers in real time. SmartCare by Doro is based upon an open architecture system to cater for connectivity with third party sensors and devices.

In practice, this means that if a person falls on the stairs at home, the sensor automatically detects the fall. It then notifies relatives, the Doro Alarm Receiving Center or other third-parties, who in turn can contact the senior or call for action from care providers or emergency services. Thanks to the My Doro cloud service, relatives and care providers receive notifications, warnings and alarms on activities in the home such as “the refrigerator has not been opened in the last 24 hours” or “the front door hasn’t been closed correctly”.

Robert Puskaric, CEO and President of Doro, says: “The launch of SmartCare by Doro is a milestone and an important strategic move for our business. We know that seniors want to stay at home and be independent for as long as possible and SmartCare by Doro is developed with this in mind. By offering complete systems and devices that make life easier for both seniors and their supporting family and friends we aim to extend the time seniors will be able to live at home and also contribute to a sustainable development of social welfare.”

Peter Marsden, Managing Director UK and Ireland, Doro, says: The ageing global population is putting pressure on care services, but technology solutions can ease the burden. SmartCare by Doro will enable seniors to safely live at home for longer, with peace of mind for their family, friends and carers. The open architecture nature of SmartCare by Doro will take connected devices beyond entertainment and lifestyle systems in the home, to being potentially life-saving pieces of technology.” 

Through previous launches, the Doro Connect and Care® offering and the remote control of Doro smart phones via have given Doro great insights and experience in providing products that support and help seniors in their everyday life, whilst giving relatives peace of mind. With SmartCare by Doro, the company now takes the next step to become a complete technology provider for seniors and their relatives.

SmartCare by Doro will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


Doro Connect and Care – Validation study. Insights by River Research.