Doro Care

Doro Care offers municipalities complete, secure and quality-assured systems for the elderly and persons with disabilities. Our smart digital products and services support users, staff and relatives in their daily routines, so that quality, safety and efficiency can be secured.

Modern demographics show that people today live longer and are healthier. We indulge in hobbies, activities and dreams, and have the financial strength to make our later years more enjoyable. People want to live at home longer. At the same time, a shift in technology from analogue to digital telephone networks is taking place. And when analogue and digital technology is mixed, important information can be lost that may render carephones undependable. Maintaining a safe and reliable alarm chain requires switching to a digital alarm system.

Doro Care is the market leader in digital social care solutions. We offer everything from individual products to complete systems with hardware and software, service and support. Our wide selection of accessories, which can also be used with products by other vendors, offer abundant flexibility for creating just the solution that each individual customer needs and desires.

At Doro Care, we constantly strive to develop innovative new products and services tailored to market needs. Currently, there is a trend towards mobile social care solutions. When we develop products and solutions, we do so in collaboration with our customers, which is why all our carephones are easy to install and operate.

Besides being more reliable, the digital alarm chain has also proven to be a money-saving investment. Recent collaboration projects have shown a return on technology investment in just eight months.


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