Doro acquired CareTech in 2015. In June 2018 Welbeing, one of the leading telecare providers in the UK, joined the Doro Group. CareTech was founded in Kalix in 1990 by Jan-Erik Larsson, a technology-minded entrepreneur who was involved in designing Sweden’s first carephone as early as 1975.

Jan-Erik Larsson studied electronics at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and thereafter gained employment at The Swedish Civil Aviation Administration. Enticed by the idea of starting his own business, he first set up Kretselektronik with two partners in 1975, and later Kalix Elektronik in 1977. The embryo of today’s carephone network came about during this time. The arrival of microprocessors in the 1970s enabled smart, automatic alarm diallers. Jan-Erik assisted the police in Sweden’s mountainous region with emergency phones that could send an alarm to a monitoring centre. He also developed security phones for Televerket Larm that could be used in case of burglary or as personal alarms. In the 1980s he worked on the first prototype of a GSM phone for Televerket Radio.

On February 28, 1990, Jan-Erik Larsson established CareTech as a holding company for two subsidiaries, Antenna and Filipsborg AB. He was Managing Director and partner at Antenna, which made Carephones , but his passion for development took over and Jan-Erik continued efforts to develop new technology for applications such as alarms used in nursing homes. CareTech sold its share of Antenna in 1994. When the former subsidiary later went bankrupt in 2000, a void in the supply of Carephones for individuals living alone  was created, and CareTech was there to fill it. The demand for Carephones was substantial and several retailers were interested, both nationally and internationally. Finland and Korea were large customers, and also took part in the development work as well as financed several projects.

After  stepping down as CareTech’s Managing Director in 2005, Jan-Erik stayed on a number of years working as a developer. Development of the first digital carephone, CareIP, began in 2004. Over the years, both the company and Carephones have changed, grown and matured. A number of resellers have been acquired, e.g. Infatel in 2007, to strengthen market position and increase customer contact. Next came the acquisition of the alarm receiving company, Svenska Trygghetsjouren, in 2011, meaning CareTech could now offer the entire digital alarm chain and move from being a product to service provider .

Following  Doro’s acquisition of CareTech in 2015, we are now Doro Care – the market leader in digital social care solutions for the elderly and persons with disabilities. Our portfolio covers the complete alarm chain, from Carephones to Alarm Receiving, and we can even offer mobile social care solutions connected to our alarm response centre.

In June 2018 Doro aquired one of the leading telecare providers in the UK – Welbeing. Through Welbeing we are present with two alarm receiving centres in the UK and support more than 80,000 service users across the country.