Our Complete Digital, All in One Bundle

Our unique all in one bundle is available on a 24, 36 or 60 low monthly cost contract and includes:-


• CareIP® Mobile  Carephone with Elliot Alarm Trigger and Sim Card

• Unlimited Calls and Data

• M2M Sim Card

• Continuous monitoring of SIM operation. In the event of the SIM being removed from the device, we will inform the customer

• Access to our i-care online web portal which provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use overview of your deployed Carephones

• Inclusive of warranty, technical support and software/firmware upgrades

• Response centre: The first truly digital alarm response centre (Nordic market only)


















Benefits for User

• No telephone line required.

• Fixed line providers are all introducing price increases.

• Not restricted to where the user can install in their property

• Easy to install, offers true ‘plug & play’

• Secure Roaming Sim, which chooses the strongest mobile network

• Additional security, multiple networks to choose from and not just relying on one telephone line

• All calls and data included

• Clear, Digital Speech


Benefits for Service Provider

• Ability to add additional products and services e.g. smoke detector, additional alarm triggers and fall sensors

• Additional sensors can be programmed remotely

• Access and manage all deployed Carephones

• Sim Card always monitored, will automatically alert any loss of service or unduly high use.

• Always online, secure service.

• Offering true Plug and Play installation, simplifies and enhances user experience

• Future proof service, all firmware updates can be remotely provisioned.

• Automatically checks the status of the carephone minute by minute in real time via a regular heartbeat.