Doro 8040

The first smartphone to think the way you do, making it the perfect choice for first-time users who want all the enjoyment a smartphone can offer, but in an easier, more intuitive way. Doro 8040 offers loud and clear sound and hearing aid compatibility (HAC).


Key Features

–  Android operating system
–  4G smartphone
–  Intuitive navigation based on actions like Call, View and Send


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The Doro Alarm Application (DAA)
The Doro Alarm Application is a mobile phone app which can either be downloaded or supplied installed on the Doro smartphone. It is compatible with the Doro smartphones Doro 8040. The DAA makes the Doro smartphone’s compatible with alarm receiving centres and commutes using Doro Secure IP.


The assistance button can be triggered by the assistance alarm button on backside of phone, Doro 3500 Bluetooth® alarm Trigger, In App Trigger or by the Safety Timer.


The DAA is supported by our i-care® online web portal.


–  Secure communication to a Alarm Receiving Centre
–  In App Trigger
–  Safety Timer
–  “Are you OK”
–  Two different alarm type setting: Standard Emergency Call or Silent
–  Compatible with the Doro 3500 Alarm Trigger