Doro Secure® 580IP

The Doro Secure® 580IP Mobile Carephone is a GPS device specifically designed for vulnerable clients or lone worker monitoring. It has an emergency assistance button on the back, which when pressed will go through to an alarm receiving centre using Doro Secure® IP alarm protocol.  The incoming alarm call will show on the calls waiting screen and the operator will have full 2WAY speech.  The operator can also view the location of the device at any time, not just from an activation.


Doro Care offer the GPS mapping at no extra cost providing the Doro Secure® IP Protocol has been enabled with Alarm Receiving Centre .  The device is hearing aid compatible and will also automatically go into loud speaker to make sure that the client can hear what the operator is saying – and vice versa.


This is a dual sim card device and so, if required, two sim cards can be mounted at the same time. One sim for personal calls using the four fast dial buttons A – D, and a separate roaming SIM purely for emergency assistance calls.   The benefit of the roaming simis that it selects the strongest mobile network, providing your customers with a reliable connection for critical communication services.


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Mobile Phone Features

• Simple menus

• Four memory keys with name index

• Assistance button

• Loud Speakerphone

• Splash Proof IP54

• Charging Cradle

• HD voice and HAC

• Bluetooth



Mobile Telecare Features

• Compatible with Alarm Receiving Centres using the Doro Secure® IP Protocol

• Dual SIM enables one account for the users private calls and one for functions required for the Telecare services.

• GPS and aGPS localization

• Sends alarm via GPRS /3G

• Remote Configuration

• Technical Alerts including Low battery,  Critical battery, Switch OFF and Switch ON

• Backup SMS if no 3G connection available or URL1 & 2 not available

• Built in man down detection’ which can be set to raise an assistance call if there is no movement after a pre-defined time

• Safety Timer, a function to enable the user to set an alarm activation after a specified time frame. e.g. when having a shower/bath.

• “Are you OK” schedules so that text messages can be automatically sent to the client for welfare checks, medication reminders, making them aware of a bogus caller etc.

• ‘Safety Zones (Geo-Fencing)’ whereby the device will raise an assistance call if the client goes outside of the zone

• Tracking, as the Alarm Receiving Centre can view the location of the device at any time

• Silent Emergency Assistance Alarm can be configured

• Status report for every hour to every 10 days

• Compatible with the Doro Secure 81 Bluetooth beacon for indoor location


lound_and_clear_sound_(blue)assistance_button_(pink)Separated_large_keys_(green) Physical_buttons_(yellow) HAC_(purple)  Charging_cradle_(blue)Easy_to_use_menu_(pink)


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