Door Alarm

The mBox Door Alarm is very easy to install and is completely wireless. A small magnetic door contact (sold separately*) is attached to the door and the mBox itself is attached to the door frame. A built-in timer makes it possible to set the alarm for automatic operation at specific times for example: between 9pm to 6am.
The mBox Door Alarm is predominantly used in applications to inform an Alarm Receiving Centre, carer or even family member that the end-user who is prone to wandering – has left home. The mBox Door Alarm has a built-in reset button allowing for a carer or family member to access the building without activating the alarm.


The mBox Door Alarm is battery operated and has extremely low power consumption, with a battery lifespan up to 2 years depending on function and usage.


The mBox has an automatic timer control, is easy to install & operate and has multiple applications.


Technical data

Frequency: 868,35 MHz
Battery: 2 pcs 1,5v LR06 (AA) Alkaline batteries or 9-30VDC
Power consuption – Battery Operated: 5μA (normal mode) 70 mA (one output activated)
Power consumption – Central Supply 30mA (normal mode) 100 mA (one output activated)
Dimensions: 110.0 x 70.0 x 23.5 mm
Outputs: 2 relay outputs. Max 1A / 30 VDC
Ability to replace batteries: YES
Length of battery life: Up to 2 years


Article number: 300010


*Magnetic switch should be ordered separately, article number: 300127 


Download QSG mBox

Download mBox User Manual