Enuresis Sensor

The Enuresis Sensor is designed to detect when Enuresis Mat Plastic_wwwa vulnerable person has either urinated or vomited when in bed. The Enuresis Sensor connects to a mBox which on detection will automatically transmit an alarm to the carephone. The carephone will then place a call to the Alarm Receiving Centre or career. The sensor is supplied with a thin foil embossed plastic mat which is waterproof and fits between the bottom sheet and the mattress. At an additional cost a cotton sheet can be purchased which offers the end user more comfort and discretion. It also helps reduce sweating, bed sores and false alarms. The cotton sheets can be washed at normal temperatures once connecting cables are removed.


Technical data

Frequency: 868,35 MHz
Battery: 2 pcs 1,5v LR06 (AA) Alkaline batteries or 9-30VDC
Warranty: 2 years
Dimensions: 110.0 x 70.0 x 23.5 mm
Number of transmitters: Max 8 transmitters / output
Data bus: RS485
Outputs: 2 relay outputs. Max 1A / 30 VDC
Inputs: 2 Minimum pulse width: 512 ms
Maximum cable legth: 30 meters inputs, activated on connection to ground


Article number: 300143