Epilepsy Sensor

The Companion epilepsy sensor is ideal for support of tonic/clonic seizures. When a seizure has been detected a call will be activated to the alarm receiving centre.


The Companion is a compact solution that comprises of an Epilepsy sensor that is placed under the mattress which is then connected to a bedside monitor. The Companion’s compact, high-performance movement sensor is able to detect and distinguish movements associated with seizures from normal sleeping activities, meaning reliable monitoring without false alarms. It is suitable for most types of bed, including profiling and airflow.


With over 10,000 monitors sold, and 25 years of constant development invested in its design, the Companion is a proven and effective device. Created with ease of use in mind, it’s simple to install and easily adjustable to the needs of the individual.


The device is suitable both for domestic and professional use and operates on the European Social Alarm frequency 869MHz. It is tested and complies with all relevant EU standards incl. CE.



Technical data

Frequency: 869 MHz
Alarm: Radio to Doro Care carephones

Power supply: 12vdc
Battery: 1 x PP3 / 9v Battery (BACK UP only)
Ability to replace batteries: Yes
Dimensions: 220 x 110 x 44 mm
Length of battery life: 3 years
Liquid ingress level: IP60

Bed Movement Sensor:
Dimensions: 67 x 35 x15 mm
Liquid ingress level: IP62