Heat Detector

The Doro Heat Detector will trigger a call from the social alarm unit and provide a loud audible alarm (85dB) when the temperature rises to 57°C. A heat detector is suitable for those locations where a false alarm is likely to occur with a standard ionization and optical smoke detector due to steam, cooking flame or particles (e.g. burning toast).


The internal battery is sealed and will last 10 years, which is the lifetime of the Heat Detector. There is also a visible self-test button. The unit will automatically signal low battery status audible locally and to the alarm receiving centre via the social alarm unit. The unit weights 130g.


The Doro Heat Detector is tested and complies with all relevant EU standards incl. CE and operates on the European Social Alarm frequency 869MHz. Complies with BS 5446-2, BS EN 14604, KM 500468.




Technical data
Frequency: 869MHz
Alarm: Audible and radio to Doro Care Carephones
Ability to replace batteries: Yes