Night Light

The Night Light can help prevent a fall at night. When the user gets out of bed at night, the night light will come on automatically as it can sense Night Light_wwwmovement. The light will stay on for approximately one minute and can be installed to light the way up to the bathroom for the user. The light nights are cost effective and easy to install.
Key Features:

• Install easily by mounting the metal base plate onto the wall or surface.
• 3 LED system for bright, clear lighting.
• Tillable Lighting allows you to light either more of the floor, or more of the room (120 degrees motion).
• Sensor motion sensor turns the light on when movement within a 5m radius is detected.
• Timer turns off after 10 or 60 seconds.
• Battery powered


Technical data

Item weight: 5g
Product dimensions: 8.6 x 6.9 x 5 cm
Area lighting clasification: IP54
Weight: 4.5 grams
Votage: 5 volts
Batteries: 3 x AAA
Type of bulb: LED
Wattage: 0.23 watts
Wattage: 0.3
Average life: 25 000 hours


Article number: 300121