Pill Dispenser

The Pill Dispenser (Pivotell Advance Dispenser) is suitable for those who are merely forgetful and for whom the blister packs and dossett boxes are no longer a reliable way to access medication. It offers the right pills at the right time, thus reducing the risk of overdose.


At 439g, it is lightweight and has 28 individual compartments accessed via a lockable lid, the key is provided as standard. It can be programmed to dispense up to 24 times per day. An alarm signal continues to ring/flash for up to one hour or until pills are dispensed. After the chosen elapsed time an alarm will be raised via the social alarm unit, and if the dose isn’t taken then the dispensing hole will block access to the medication. It can also be used as standalone without assigning it to the social alarm unit.


The Pill Dispenser is easily programmed via the LCD screen, providing options to program dose times, change alert tone, volume, visual flash, and daylight savings time. The time and date of the next dose can be viewed on the screen by a simple press of a button. Spare day/time discs are provided for various dose regimes. Pharmacy installation leaflets come as standard and easily cleaned spare internal cassettes with lid are available for pre-filling by a carer or pharmacy.


The unit is powered by batteries and if low, a visual warning light will appear and a call will be sent to the alarm receiving centre, if the device is assigned to the social alarm unit. The 4x AA batteries are easily changed. The device is designed to securely house a medication record/chart with plastic label which has enough room for a standard pharmacy provided medication sticker. The Pill Dispenser operates on the European Social Alarm frequency 869MHz and is tested and complies with all relevant EU standards incl. CE.


For wireless connection to the Doro social alarm the product requires the radio module Doro 9350.